About Cheryl



Cheryl is a Naturopathic Doctor specializing in Homeopathy and an Instructor of Homeopathy



California Center for Homeopathic Education



Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine,

Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine



BS, MS Electrical Engineering, Arizona State University




How I came to homeopathy:



In 1995, I was working as an electrical engineer for a chemical company   when I transferred to a position in project management for projects overseas.  For that job, I received several vaccinations and became ill, the kind of ill that kept me in bed 23+ hours of the day.


I went from doctor to doctor to doctor seeking help.  I didn’t want to be an invalid, but the inability to function continued for more than a year, and the inability to do much more than a few hours of activity a day continued longer.  Serendipity brought me to a homeopathic doctor in Arizona.


I felt hopeless by the time I saw him...so I was open to trying anything - even if it sounded like nonsense to me, which homeopathy did.  I sat for a two-hour intake and came away with a bottle of sugar pellets.


I was S K E P T I C A L.  I had no belief that those pellets would affect me in any way.  But guess what?  I took the pellets and over the next few weeks I felt markedly worse.


Coming from an engineering background, I thought, why should something that I believe does nothing, make me worse at all?  I felt Ihad little to lose at this point so I went for my followup interview.  The homeopath took in more information and chose another remedy.  I took it and this time I started to feel some improvement.  It wasn’t dramatic or earth shattering, but I could sense a change beginning.  That change continued over a course of months and I eventually felt healthier and stronger, physically, mentally and emotionally than I had in my 20’s.


I continued with homeopathy treatment and my curiosity increased as my health increased.  I began to attend study groups and a 70-hour course.   Finally I signed up and completed a two-year program of study in homeopathy at the American Medical College of Homeopathy.


After my experience, I knew I needed to practice this form of medicine...it satisfied both my curiosity of life and my desire to help others who are also looking for treatments that effectively assists in healing.  In Arizona, one cannot practice homeopathy unless you are a licensed medical doctor (MD), or work under the supervision of an MD as a Homeopathic Medical Assistant (HMA), or are a licensed Naturopathic Physician (ND/NMD). So I enrolled at the four-year naturopathic medical program at Southwest College so I could practice homeopathy as well as incorporate Naturopathic treatments.


This education was crucial in providing me with the medical background I was missing since I had previously only worked in engineering.


I supplemented my education with many seminars in homeopathy, but the most influential were those by Dr. Rajan Sankaran.   His clinical observations and methods were the deepest, clearest amongst all of that I  had encountered thus far.


My ability to help people in their healing has increased several-fold by incorporating what I learned and am learning from him and colleagues who also practice homeopathy skillfully.  Now, I am passionate to not only practice homeopathy and naturopathic medicine, but to share it with other health-care practitioners by teaching, training and mentoring.


That’s why I joined Bill Mann, a long-time practicing homeopath and educator, in helping him form the California Center for Homeopathic Education.


I experience the ups and downs of life, but my health is in my hands now and life is more fulfilling - I can be with the moment a little more.  Since 2000, I feel life is even more rewarding and healthy than it was in my youth or 20's.


If you have any questions about homeopathy for treatment or education, please contact me.


Whatever your suffering is, whether you believe in homeopathy/naturopathic medicine or not, I can say from  first-hand and second-hand experience through patients, that a well-selected homeopathic remedy and other naturopathic treatments can help lead you to the path of healing that you desire.




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